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At WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary our goal is to provide excellent healthcare and a loving and caring environment for handicapped, neglected, abused, debilitated, injured, surgical candidates, post surgical, post stroke, injured, abandoned, and hospice ferrets to happily live out their lives. We also help in providing general ferret education to the public, sharing information with new to long time owners, shelters, rescues and other sanctuaries.

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Below you will find the most recent happenings at WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary. And with all these ferrets running the show, you can bet that there’s going to be a lot of new adventures.

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Ferret Diet:  Kibble, Canned, or Raw?

Ferret Diet: Kibble, Canned, or Raw?

How important is your ferret’s nutrition to you?  Wouldn’t you agree that it’s easier to just buy a bag of kibble and pour it, then with full confidence be under the assumption that you are doing exactly what you should for your ferret’s nutritional needs?  Importantly and according to 30 year veterinarian, Dr. Susan Brown, DVM, “Ferrets have been domesticated since 350 BC, but it is only in the last 40 years that we have changed their diet from raw foods to commercially processed foods (kibble).  We have made the change primarily because we, the public, have demanded a uniformly easy to feed and hopefully nutritious food that allows us to successfully keep ferrets in our homes.  I think everyone would agree that it is easier to pour little bits of food out of a bag than to go out and find or purchase and prepare meat items to feed.  But the question is are we really providing a healthy ferret diet using processed foods?  Is it really possible to take raw food, grind it up, heat it to high temperatures, add ingredients that are not part of the normal diet, add back nutrients altered or destroyed during processing, press it into amusing shapes, adding vegetables and plant proteins, which mustelids are physiologically incapable of digesting, and have this be the equivalent of the natural diet”?  Dr. Brown goes on to answer that very question.  “I have yet to see one that I believe is completely appropriate for ferrets.  Let’s take a look at the composition of these diets and compare that to what we know of ferret nutrition.  We have discussed that... read more
Ferret Contribution

Ferret Contribution

So…you’ve wondered or have had the feeling as to how you can reach out and support ferrets generally, not just your own.  You would be shocked to know just how many ferrets are neglected, caged for long periods of time, lack human socialization and enrichment, are abused, and ultimately given up or taken by animal control authorities, or ferret rescues.  Ferret shelters are literally bursting at the seams in the United States. Is donating to help shelters and sanctuaries necessary?  Overwhelmingly, YES!  Ferrets who are not in loving and caring homes, need everyone’s help.  You nay not even be a ferret owner, but simply love all animals, and want to curb abuse and neglect. Whether you help by choosing a ferret charitable organization by adding them as your choice at AmazonSmile or iGive, where a portion of each of your purchases goes to your selected organization (must be 501(c)(3) registered), or you find a cause, shelter, rescue, or sanctuary you wish to support by volunteering, or just ordering, and sending particular items of need to these shelters and sanctuaries, bidding and shopping the ferret sales online and online auctions.  Another way to help is to donate to the organization directly through financial support, whether your donation is directly to the charitable organization or to that organization’s veterinarian. Ferret shelters, rescues, transportation, sanctuary care is expensive and very hard on all those involved.  Corporate assistance is sometimes available, but these organizations mostly run on donations and by holding fund-raisers and auctions.  We must all participate generally speaking by simply giving from our hearts. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have... read more
Ferret R*E*S*C*U*E… The Bean Story

Ferret R*E*S*C*U*E… The Bean Story

Recently, I had to rescue a ferret. Although all my ferrets are currently recues, I never really put much emphasis on what “Rescue” really meant until I was introduced to Bean. Bean is a long Black-eyed White with a black spot between his shoulders and black tail that was malnourished and dehydrated and very close to death. He couldn’t stand, so, when he could, he urinated on himself and then slowly dragged himself until he reached a drier spot. Bean could barely open his eyes, you could see every bone in his body and his nails looked like something out of a horror story. You could literally see and smell the death consuming him. But he still had that little gleam in his eyes that told me he was a fighter. When I first saw him I was devastated, to say the least. I was also a little scared since I was in my truck (I drive a truck throughout the lower 48 states) and, due to some very expensive repairs done on my truck, I also had very little money to spend on care for Bean. But, I wanted to give this little fella a good life and I’m rather stubborn, so we did what we could, so I called Susie and we discussed what needed to be done asap. Well, as I said, all this got me to thinking about what RESCUE really meant (at least in ferret terms) and I thought I’d share it with you. I’m a lover of words and, as you’ll soon see, enjoy having fun with acronyms. R*E*S*C*U*E React to an Emergency... read more

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We couldn’t survive without help. WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary is a privately run, non-501(c)3, hospice, rescue and forever home located in beautiful east Texas. The sanctuary has existed since 1998 to provide love, care, and protection for the domestic ferret. Weezlewings is at hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help new and experienced owners work out problems, answer questions and share knowledge.

We are on a never ending quest to help these precious gifts of fur, won’t YOU help?

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Strangeling Art

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