Weezle Wings Ferret Sanctuary
Susie Riddle

Susie with Millefiscent, Artemus & Nortin

Susie Riddle
WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary Director, and WEEZLE! Group Owner

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About WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary
and How It All Began

Please let me introduce myself, I am Susie. I am the Sanctuary Mom! I am also a registered nurse. I was A.C.L.S. (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified and specialized in cardiac care and worked mostly cvicu and specialty unit. Some years back, on my way to work, I was severely and permanently injured by an 18 wheeler hitting me from behind while I was parked at a stoplight. (It was going over 65 mph) The truck connected with me 5 different times. This accident left me with severe permanent physical damage.


I had already begun my ferret journey and was beginning to understand ferret math when I had to abruptly cease actively rescuing ferrets and endure many, many painful surgeries and horrifying procedures for my injuries and pain, as well as contracting an almost deadly flesh eating bacteria that ravaged what was left of my body and rendered me incapable of continuing my nursing career. I don’t tell you this to engender pity or sadness, merely to explain how I started down the path of ferret hospice care.

It began to be too painful to leave the house. It was easier to “hurt” at home and my once beautiful skin looked like Frankenstein’s bride on her wedding day.

BUT, I found that I didn’t feel quite so “sorry” for myself when I saw all these ferrets, that had come to me one way or another, begin to show me they needed me and loved me just as I was. These little “angelic nurses covered in fur” began to heal me as no therapist or doctor seemed to be able! I had not really noticed how incredibly perceptive these tiny creatures were! I would not have made it through the harrowing accident and hard hard road to recovery without these precious souls that love unconditionally; and now, even more so than before, I want to give back a degree of what they have given me.

As far as my nursing career, the knowledge is still there but my body is not able to stand the rigorous routine and the life or death decisions made on a minute to minute basis in cvicu and my trained field of nursing. This is what leads me to how important the sanctuary is to me. Without caring for these surrendered, rescued, abandoned and/or debilitated and older ferrets, I would not have made it through the process of dealing with all the challenges in front of me on my path from that unfortunate accident.

I no longer re-home the fursnakes that come into my care.

WeezleWings is more of a “forever home” than a temporary shelter. I do, however, liaison often between potential owners and other shelters and organizations. I would also like to add that we also have long time resident rescued cats (ages 9 to 14) in our care.

For many years, the ferrets and I babysat kittens throughout the month of December for the humane societies in surrounding counties so parents could surprise their children or family members with kittens on Christmas day. Many people do not realize when picking out a kitten at the beginning of the month they may not be there in another day or two – this simply makes room for more abandoned animals. After hearing many heartbreaking stories, I stepped in. Any donations made to me at that time were given to another larger ferret shelter in our area that is now no longer in existence.

I seem to have a special talent for anticipating a ferret’s needs and wants, (I would swear they do more for me, actually, than I do for them!!) we are always teaching and learning from each other. If you have ever seen the look of pure gratitude in the face of any living creature, no place will you see it more in the eyes of a ferret taken out of an unpleasant situation and exchanged for a loving home and caregiver. I am here at Weezle Wings Ferret Sanctuary almost 24/7 due to my disabilities, and this gives me a unique perspective and a better chance than most to administer any medical care or special needs they might have and to get to know the fur-babies.

I’ve even learned to overcome my moderate to severe agoraphobia in order to take my “weasels” to the vet. I don’t even think about it then, I just go…..!

Some of Our Forever Friends

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