Right now your gift helps provide excellent healthcare and a loving and caring environment for

  • Handicapped
  • Neglected
  • Abused
  • Debilitated
  • Injured
  • Surgical Candidates
  • Post Surgical
  • Post Stroke
  • Injured
  • Abandoned
  • And Hospice Ferrets

…to happily live out their lives.

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At Weezle Wings Ferret Sanctuary our goal is to provide excellent healthcare and a loving and caring environment for handicapped, neglected, abused, debilitated, injured, surgical candidates, post surgical, post stroke, injured, abandoned, and hospice ferrets to happily live out their lives.


We also help in providing general ferret education to the public, sharing information with new to long time owners, shelters, rescues and other sanctuaries.


Ferrets, like all pets, are not just animals–they’re family. They provide companionship, unconditional love, and are successful therapy animals. But they need folks like you to help them through the rough times.

How Your Donations Can Help

Weezle Wings Ferret Sanctuary is a privately run, non-501(c)3, hospice, rescue and forever home located in beautiful east Texas. The sanctuary has existed since 1998 to provide love, care, and protection for the domestic ferret. In short… Every penny goes into helping a ferret live out it’s last days in a loving and well protected enviroment. And the costs can be extremely overwhelming. Your donation helps! Your donation helps by providing:

  • Food
  • Supplements and Treats
  • Groceries
  • Over the Counter Medications
  • Prescriptions
  • Non-Prescription Medical Supplies
  • Bedding

And Much Much More… We can’t do this alone. But with your help and generousity, we can continue to provide love, care, and protection for the domestic ferret.

Make a Donation to WeezleWings Ferret Shelter Through PayPal

Make a $5 Donation

Your one time $5 donation can provide over the counter meds, small bottle of ferretone, a package of n-bones, postage for helping an “outside the sanctuary” fursnake receive supplies and/or medication, a bag of lactated ringers, syringes, or winged infusion sets for giving debilitated ferrets fluids

Make a $10.00 Donation

Your $10 donation can give the ferrets, 2 or 3 packages of N-bones, a full antibiotic course for one ferret, paper towels, a fluffy soft blanket, supplements, partial bag of food, monthly ear treatment for 6 ferrets, an emergency fluid kit for a scared first time ferret owner w/a sick furry.

Make a $25 Donation

A $25 donation will bring in Vitamins, replacement vials of injectable meds, partial implant, a round bed for a hospice or debilitated fursnake, almost 1/2 a bag of one of the foods we feed them, or an injection for shock or insulinoma crash.

Make a $50 Donation

When leaving a $50 donation you’ll be supplying a vial of injectable antibiotics, helping to purchase a bottle of prednisolone, bag of one of our foods or help pay for a vet exam.

Make a $100 Donation

A $100 donation supplies:

  • a blood test
  • a bottle of pred
  • bottle of metacam
  • part of a surgery
  • a medical procedure
  • a bottle of albon
  • a vial of injectable pain medicine
  • 1 round of antibiotics for 10 fursnakes

Make a $200 Donation

A $200 donation offers a much needed dental or 3 bags of ferret food

Make a $500 Donation

A $500 donation can pay for  part of or all of a surgery

The Wish List

Money helps, but there are items Weezle Wings Ferret Sanctuary are always in need of.

zupremepremium30lbZupreem Premium Ferret Diet 30 Lb

ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet has the great irresistible taste and shape that ferrets love. High levels of quality protein (40%) from real chicken and egg. Does not contain corn additives, artificial preservatives or fish meal which can cause offensive odor. Provides balanced nutrition and fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for healthy immune systems. [READ MORE…]



totallyferretturkeyvenisonTotally Ferret Turkey – Venison – Lamb

First 100% nutritionally complete and balanced non-chicken formula available for ferrets. Hypoallergenic, using turkey, venison, catfish and lamb specifically developed to support the nutritional needs of all life stages. Over 90% all natural animal protein. [READ MORE…]



N-BoneFerret N-Bone Chew Treat 1.87 Oz Chicken

This will give your small furry friend a treat that can take those sharp teeth. A highly-palatable one-of-a-kind dental aid, that is all natural and fortified with taurine. This treat is edible and digestible ensuring no problems with intestinal blockages. Comes in a 1.87 oz. package [READ MORE…]



ferretvite_originalFerretvite Daily Vitamin Paste For Ferrets 4.25 Oz

Ferretvite is a high calorie vitamin concentrate and a high energy daily supplement exclusively for ferrets. For ferrets off their normal diet, Ferretvite helps stimulate their appetite and increase weight gain. Rich in essential fatty acids, and added Taurine, Ferretvite ensures a glossy coat and healthy skin. [READ MORE…]


ferretoneFerretone Skin And Coat Liquid Supplement 16 Oz

Ferretone is a scientifically formulated skin and coat ferret food supplement that can be added to your pets regular daily regimen. Routine use of Ferretone will provide your pet with essential fatty acids and vitamins necessary to maintain a healthy skin and coat. [READ MORE…]



8in1crunchy8in1 Ultimate Ferret Diet 4.4 Lb Crunchy

Ultra-Blend Ultimate Ferret Crunchy Diet is the freshest, natural product available for your ferret. Ultimate Ferret Crunchy Diet is formulated with quality ingredients such as chicken, an excellent source of high quality amino acids important for optimum growth, development and maintenance. [READ MORE…]




8in1soft8in1 Ultimate Ferret Soft Moist Diet 1.5 Lb

Ultimate Ferret Soft-Moist Diet has unsurpassed taste and palatability with chewy soft-moist morsels that have been combined with the unique nutrition needs of ferrets. Made with real chicken for high quality protein and wholesome rice for easy digestion. Provides essential dietary variety for your ferret. [READ MORE…]