So…you’ve wondered or have had the feeling as to how you can reach out and support ferrets generally, not just your own.  You would be shocked to know just how many ferrets are neglected, caged for long periods of time, lack human socialization and enrichment, are abused, and ultimately given up or taken by animal control authorities, or ferret rescues.  Ferret shelters are literally bursting at the seams in the United States.

Is donating to help shelters and sanctuaries necessary?  Overwhelmingly, YES!  Ferrets who are not in loving and caring homes, need everyone’s help.  You nay not even be a ferret owner, but simply love all animals, and want to curb abuse and neglect.

Whether you help by choosing a ferret charitable organization by adding them as your choice at AmazonSmile or iGive, where a portion of each of your purchases goes to your selected organization (must be 501(c)(3) registered), or you find a cause, shelter, rescue, or sanctuary you wish to support by volunteering, or just ordering, and sending particular items of need to these shelters and sanctuaries, bidding and shopping the ferret sales online and online auctions.  Another way to help is to donate to the organization directly through financial support, whether your donation is directly to the charitable organization or to that organization’s veterinarian.

Ferret shelters,Doug and Skeeter 2 rescues, transportation, sanctuary care is expensive and very hard on all those involvIMG_0017_fotored.  Corporate assistance is sometimes available, but these organizations mostly run on donations and by holding fund-raisers and auctions.  We must all participate generally speaking by simply giving from our hearts. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have helped needy ferrets, those who are beyond your own.  There are many originations that need support and a great place to search for sanctuaries, shelters, rescuers, auctions, etc., and a great place to begin is Facebook, or even better, your local Humane Society, Animal Control, or SPCA.  If you use social media, just do a search for ‘Ferrets’.  If you are looking to help off-line, regularly content the aforementioned organizations.

Be leery of the very large corporations that claim to help in this way or that way because chances are that the largest portion of your contribution, if not all of it, goes elsewhere other than directly to the animal’s support.  Do your research before you make monetary contributions or send gifts (in the case of ferret shelters or sanctuaries.  There are many large organizations that send lots of mail, email, online ‘spam’, and television & radio advertisements in order to gain contributions.  Ask yourself, where that money comes from to print that mailing information and postage.  Who pays the persons sitting behind a computer sending ‘spam’ emails soliciting funds, and who pays that actor you see in commercials on television.

My greatest joy comes from reputab92818384125a13ffa40625558f89f2f4le and legitimate online auctions of ferret items and there’s a peace of mind, knowing that the money raised will go to that particular organization’s needs…FERRETS; their food, bedding, cages, toys, treats, and most importantly their needed medical expenditures.

Oftentimes, ignorance enables the disregard or disvalue of the life of a household ferret, instead considering it disposable, much like a rodent.  For example, who takes a rodent to a veterinarian, where the cost is more often than not, in the hundreds of dollars, just for the visit and examination.  However, as the over six million U.S. ferret owners will attest to, a ferret must be under the care of a veterinarian just as much as a cat or dog, and in many cases, more so.  This is where you can help.  Donating used clothing to a charitable organization is no different than donating to a reputable ferret rescue or sanctuary.  Let’s be honest…the support and financial obligations must come from somewhere in order to support these not-for-profit organizations.


Open your heart and let this widely misunderstood animal pull at your proverbial “heart strings”, than the images you see on a television commercial.  Get online or get out there and see for yourself. Your help and contributions are needed now, more than ever.

Written by Brian Carr, Education and Blogger for WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary.  Visit the sanctuary online at or on Facebook ‘Weezle!’ and ‘WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary’.

WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary is located at:

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