New York City Ferret Ban:

YOUR help is needed!

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Although some news sources have stated the ban on keeping ferrets in New York City, including the 5 boroughs, has already been overturned, it’s not true – YET.

Ferret advocate Ariel Jasper and her organization, Ferret Club of New York City, introduced a petition to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to allow ferrets.

Everyone who wants to see ferrets safe in the City needs to comment immediately. The hearing at the Department of Health on removing ferrets from their list of banned animals will be January 21. Significant points are:
Ferrets only be allowed neutered or spayed;
Ferrets must have a rabies vaccination.
Additionally, both Ariel and FACT strongly agree that commercial sales of ferrets in the City will NOT benefit ferrets. Experienced ferret lovers know that too often, stores sell animals without proper care information and fad/impulse buys lead to abandonment or worse—ferrets dead from abuse/neglect. If this ruling passes, the NY City Council will issue final regulations in 6 months, but we suggest you also ask right now to not allow pet store sales of ferrets.

Please focus on two points: Allow altered ferrets; do not allow pet store sales.

All the ways you can comment are listed below. We’ve also included a very simple sample letter you can use.

We are urging everyone reach out to friends, family, co-workers—anyone who can be cajoled into signing a letter of support or making an online comment. Share this on Facebook! Letters from vets would be wonderful, too! (Please note: While there is an online change.org petition, it has already been used to initiate the ruling review. Individual letters are important.)

Testimony must reach the Dept. of Health by 5 pm, January 21
It is VITAL for everyone reading this to participate!!
Don’t put it aside for later!

L. Vanessa Gruden, Executive Director
How to Make Your Voice Heard

Below this is a sample letter you can sign and mail. (If you live in a ferret-free zone, it’s OK to just put your e-mail. This assures the Department you are a real person.) If you want a text copy you can modify, please e-mail LVGruden@ferret-fact.org or ferrets.of.nyc@gmail.com. A pdf version will also be placed on the FACT website.
E-mail your letter to: resolutioncomments@health.nyc.gov Subject: Proposed Article 161/Ferrets
You can fax it to: 347-396-6087
Easy online comments! Follow these steps:
1. Go to rules.cityofnewyork.us/
2. Click on proposed rules.
3. Click on Animals (Article 161)/(Article 11).
4. On the right, Register to post a comment (you must
register with a name/e-mail address, but are NOT
required to provide your mailing address).
5. Scroll through the Terms of Use and check the box to
agree. Enter the verification Capcha and you’ll be sent
an e-mail with instructions to complete registration
with a password. Return and post your comment.
You can speak at the hearing! You only have 5 minutes but they could be the most important 5 minutes of their lives for thousands of ferrets. E-mail us for more info or read the info at the bottom of Article 161 for details on how to sign up to speak.
Sample Letter

Date: _____________________

New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene
Gotham Center, 42-09 28th Street – CN 31
Long Island City, NY 11101-4132

Re: Animals (Article 161) and Reportable Diseases and Conditions (Article 11) Proposed Rules/Ferrets

Dear Commissioners:

I want to support amendments to the above Articles to allow neutered/spayed domestic ferrets in New York City and to require they are vaccinated for rabies.

I care about ferret welfare. Domestic ferrets are not a risk to the public. They are nice pets for owners who understand their needs.

Pet store personnel, especially in chain stores, do not properly educate customers when they sell ferrets. I do not think they should be sold in any stores. The best way to get a ferret is to adopt it from a humane society or ferret shelter where they know a lot more about them and teach people to care for them well.

Thank you.
Signature: _________________________________

Printed Name: ______________________________

Address (optional):

E-mail or Telephone: __________________________

Additional comments (if any)
FACT Open House

Sunday January 25
Heavy Snow Date: February 11 – 2 pm.

Held at Ferret Association HQ in Hartford, our annual Member Party & Open House is a relaxed time to visit the shelter and meet other members. A light lunch – sandwiches, snacks & soda – is provided courtesy of FACT. Meet some of the little faces in need of good new homes. And yes, you can shop in the Ferret Treasures store!

Immediately following the party will the a Board of Directors meeting to review financials, shelter statistics, and plans for 2015. Interested parties are welcome to attend.

Ferret Club of New York City

To connect with the Club and see how you can help if you live in New York, visit it on Facebook or e-mail ferrets.of.nyc@gmail.com. They could use extra help.
Ferrets Seeking Homes!

FACT has a business of girls! You don’t need to adopt the whole “business” but we’d sure like to see some of these happy little ladies find a great new home.

Merry & Jane: Pair of 3 year old sables who were passed around from place to place and need a FUREVER home.
Kanika: Gorgeous black sable lady, about 1 year old. Inclined to nip and needs someone experienced and patient.
Zelda: Chocolate 2-year-old. She was alone all her life but acclimated to other ferrets wonderfully.
Whiskers: Happy sable girl, just under a year old. Loves to run and play!
Pippa: another sable about 1, active and bouncy. Pippa LOVES Whiskers, and would love a home with her new friend.
Mezzo & Sonata: Abandoned after an eviction, this pair of 2-3 year olds want a home together. They come with ALL shots. Mezzo is a dark-eyed white and Sonata is a dark chocolate.
Trixie & Lulu: The owner thought they were 3, but they may be a wee bit older. Nice little girls – Trixie is a dark-eyed white who loves to be held and Lulu is a dark chocolate.

Interested in adopting? E-mail us at info@ferretassn.org or visit our site – the Shelter tab has detailed adoption procedures and an application you can download.
FerretAssn.Org (Our New Website!)
Including all new contact addresses. Come check it out!

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