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Ferrets ( Putoris Furo), a domesticated, direct descendant of the European Polecat (Mustela Putorious) who is native to the European Nations. European polecat

There is a lot of false thoughts and data ‘out there’.  For example, the domestication of ferrets was NOT began, nor has never been a part of Egyptian culture, secondly ferrets do not bite unless in fear, abused, come from bad breeding, or are forced to do so as a manner, they perceive to be threatened and they will do so as a protective measure.  Did you realize that the majority of ferrets in the United States are Marshall Farm (which is the largest ferret breeder)?  If you (and I hope  you don’t) purchase a pet store ferret, it’s a Marshall.  Marshall breeds primary for labs and scientific research, and those ferrets, for whatever reason, don’t make the selection process, are sold as pets.  The large amount of money received by Marshall is from labs, not the pet sales.  It’s always best to find a Small and reputable breeder to get your pet ferret, or simply adopt/or re-home.  Never “shop”, rather adopt.

NOTE:  NEVER MISTAKE A MUSTELA PUTORIOUS FURO WITH THE HIGHLY ENDANGERED NORTH AMERICAN BLACK-FOOTED FERRET (Mustela Nigripes).  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black-footed_ferret#mediaviewer/File:Mustela_nigripes_2.jpg

Ferrets are great household pets because they are not elusive as cats are and do no have the extreme demands of dogs.  Domesticated ferrets are ideal and playful, energetic, and simply go in every direction at the same time.  They’re like kittens who just never grow up.  But keep in consideration that in the United States, ferrets have health issues, usually affiliated with American diet.  Kibble is similar to you dumpster-diving for food for you and your family.  I say this because after about 3-4 years, insulinoma (pancreatic cancer) is almost alway a result.  Ferrets and the EU Polecat, as well as most mustelids are “obligate carnivores, meaning, they depend on the nutrients only found in animal flesh for their survival, not to mention their anatomy does not allow them to process vegetable, plant and fruit items.  The reason why is because they lack the large intestine organ known as a “Cecum”.

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Brian Carr

Brian Carr

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