Being very involved in our community, many times, especially in the past few months, we are so ill-spirited and divisive, it’s very similar to ferret “Jihad”. I know that jihad is very sensitive and a bit over-the-top, but there is SO much bickering.  It is very, very sad. We need camaraderie NOT all the bickering!


Some of our most used groups and sites seem to be at each other’s throat.  Why?  I mean I know that when compared to other animal owners, ferret owners are, generally speaking, a very, very compassionate people, but having said that, instead of the direct attacks, banning, and ‘unfriendliness’, we really need to be here for our community members, regardless of whether you agree 100% or not, and I know that no one always agrees, but I have seen over and over again, ferret owners around the globe would rather cut throats than reach out a hand and educate.  Is this really what is good for our beloved ferrets?  NO!

We really need to draw ourselves closer and try and share information in order to help ferret owners and when necessary, make our mission to gently educate.  Whether it comes down to ferret diet, litter, caging, free-roam, partial free-roam, and overall ferret husbandry.  Remember, we don’t all post in the same tone.  But that does not give you license to attack the poster.  Like our ferrets, gentleness will go miles more in helping people.

Doug and Skeeter 2

Lets say Facebook groups, for example.  If there is a group or site that isn’t a ‘match’ for you, then don’t post there and just simply don’t visit that site.  If you are seeking attention, take it somewhere else on Facebook, and the other social medium.  In addition, bashing others is another terrible thing unless you have facts, not heresy, or a friend’s testimony.  Like those effected by jihad, be must make up our own minds based on fact and solid, reliable information.  In this blog, I beg you to consider these things, and stop the “bashing”.  You may have some personal reason to dislike someone or a particular group(s), simply remain absent and keep your negative comments to yourself.  Your [assumption] of someone or a group or site, you hav no idea what the person or group is ‘dealing’ with regarding hardships.

Is this a face that deserves this?





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Brian Carr

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