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At WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary our goal is to provide excellent healthcare and a loving and caring environment for handicapped, neglected, abused, debilitated, injured, surgical candidates, post surgical, post stroke, injured, abandoned, and hospice ferrets to happily live out their lives. We also help in providing general ferret education to the public, sharing information with new to long time owners, shelters, rescues and other sanctuaries.

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I have had several posts regarding this subject lately on the sites that I moderate, so I believe an article is in order. Ferrets should never place their teeth on anything but food, toys, or during play with other ferrets (this is instinctual).  There is a difference between nipping and biting.  Nipping is something that’s done as a part of playing.  Also, the younger of kit, the more likely he is to be nippy.  Just like babies of other species, ferrets have teething pain.  It feels good to them to bite, but it’s important they learn as early as possible that it’s never okay for them to put their teeth on anything but food, toys, or in play, with other ferrets.  Ferrets have extremely tough skin, unlike humans. Biting, however, is a different matter.  This is normally to be the cause of fear.  But additionally, contributions include poor breeding, anxiety, pain, and if startled.  A bite to humans is usually painful, and a bite is far different that nipping.  For example, of my four, my hybrid nips at my feet only if I’m wearing socks.  He’s called a carpet shark.  But the good news is that ferrets don’t bite nearly as often as people believe they do.  Dogs far exceed and hold the biting record, more often than not, putting people in the Emergency Room and if a ferret does bite children, that is solely the parents’ fault, not the ferret’s. Bite prevention is the best way you can handle any aggression…regardless of it’s reason.  Some guaranteed methods are: Let your ferret know that it’s you before you try... read more


VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING FLEAS AND FERRETS     Infestation of the Ctenocephalides felis, the cat flea, is the most common flea that affects ferrets. However, ferrets that are allowed to go outside, especially grassy areas, where the fleas reside, will most likely become a host ferret. Fortunately, all fleas are susceptible to the same treatments. Flea droppings which have dissolved into a red color on a wet, white paper, However, fleas bite and suck blood from the wounds they make, causing anemia. They cause itchy skin and sometimes allergies that make the hair fall out. Ferrets are such small animals that they can be seriously debilitated by a heavy flea burden. It is easy to prove to yourself that fleas ingest blood. Simply comb out of the animal’s coat some of the black fecal droppings left by the fleas, and sprinkle them on a damp paper towel. Immediately the paper will turn red with the pet’s partly digested blood. Some species of fleas transmit bubonic plague in the south western United States. When your ferrets and other pets have been infested for a while, most of the fleas will be in your house (they are even known to breed and multiply inside of your vacuum cleaner), not on the animals. Any flea control program has to kill not only fleas on all pets that spend any time in the house, but also everywhere the animals can go. The most intense effort should be concentrated on the areas where the ferrets, cats, or dogs sleep. Eggs will hatch into larvae in these areas. Larvae eat the droppings of mature... read more

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We couldn’t survive without help. WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary is a privately run, non-501(c)3, hospice, rescue and forever home located in beautiful east Texas. The sanctuary has existed since 1998 to provide love, care, and protection for the domestic ferret. Weezlewings is at hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help new and experienced owners work out problems, answer questions and share knowledge.

We are on a never ending quest to help these precious gifts of fur, won’t YOU help?

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