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At WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary our goal is to provide excellent healthcare and a loving and caring environment for handicapped, neglected, abused, debilitated, injured, surgical candidates, post surgical, post stroke, injured, abandoned, and hospice ferrets to happily live out their lives. We also help in providing general ferret education to the public, sharing information with new to long time owners, shelters, rescues and other sanctuaries.

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Below you will find the most recent happenings at WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary. And with all these ferrets running the show, you can bet that there’s going to be a lot of new adventures.

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In this article, it’s really necessary to tackle the litter topic for litter box trained ferrets, as there are so many varieties available as well as name brands; all claiming to be the “best” with most label claims that are misleading and/or just are not true. I am constantly being asked to provide advice on which litter works best and which one I recommend or use, and in 23 years of keeping ferrets, trust that I’ve seen and tried them all, and I am very aware that each ferret owner has his/her preference and budget. It goes without saying that there are a few things to consider when considering a litter for your ferret(s), such as cost, their composition (i.e., clay vs. corn cob), scoopable versus non-scoopable, absorbancy, ease of cleaning up, odor control (despite label claims), and most importantly, the ferret’s health (i.e., respiratory). First let’s categorize the litters into individual groups: Pelleted Wood Stove Pellets Non-Scoop Dried Clay Scoopable (Clay and Otherwise) Corncob or other Plant and Wood Materials (*** NEVER use cedar products around ferrets ***) Newspaper It’s fairly safe to say that most caregivers prefer a litter that is scoopable and no matter which of these general products you decide is best for you, being virtually dust-free and perfume free is mandatory for ferret health. Though all litter will have anywhere from a large amounts of dust to very minimal. However, the absorbency is where odor control comes into the equation, not perfumes or scents. One of the first things you may very quickly learn is that ferrets prefer to use the bathroom in corners.  They have... read more

Our Community Sometimes Seems to be a Ferret Jihad

Being very involved in our community, many times, especially in the past few months, we are so ill-spirited and divisive, it’s very similar to ferret “Jihad”. I know that jihad is very sensitive and a bit over-the-top, but there is SO much bickering.  It is very, very sad. We need camaraderie NOT all the bickering! Some of our most used groups and sites seem to be at each other’s throat.  Why?  I mean I know that when compared to other animal owners, ferret owners are, generally speaking, a very, very compassionate people, but having said that, instead of the direct attacks, banning, and ‘unfriendliness’, we really need to be here for our community members, regardless of whether you agree 100% or not, and I know that no one always agrees, but I have seen over and over again, ferret owners around the globe would rather cut throats than reach out a hand and educate.  Is this really what is good for our beloved ferrets?  NO! We really need to draw ourselves closer and try and share information in order to help ferret owners and when necessary, make our mission to gently educate.  Whether it comes down to ferret diet, litter, caging, free-roam, partial free-roam, and overall ferret husbandry.  Remember, we don’t all post in the same tone.  But that does not give you license to attack the poster.  Like our ferrets, gentleness will go miles more in helping people. Lets say Facebook groups, for example.  If there is a group or site that isn’t a ‘match’ for you, then don’t post there and just simply don’t visit that site.... read more


** URGENT ACTION NEEDED FOR FERRETS! *** – January 2015 ————————————————————- New York City Ferret Ban: YOUR help is needed! TO VIEW IN YOUR BROWSER, USE:… Although some news sources have stated the ban on keeping ferrets in New York City, including the 5 boroughs, has already been overturned, it’s not true – YET. Ferret advocate Ariel Jasper and her organization, Ferret Club of New York City, introduced a petition to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to allow ferrets. Everyone who wants to see ferrets safe in the City needs to comment immediately. The hearing at the Department of Health on removing ferrets from their list of banned animals will be January 21. Significant points are: Ferrets only be allowed neutered or spayed; Ferrets must have a rabies vaccination. Additionally, both Ariel and FACT strongly agree that commercial sales of ferrets in the City will NOT benefit ferrets. Experienced ferret lovers know that too often, stores sell animals without proper care information and fad/impulse buys lead to abandonment or worse—ferrets dead from abuse/neglect. If this ruling passes, the NY City Council will issue final regulations in 6 months, but we suggest you also ask right now to not allow pet store sales of ferrets. Please focus on two points: Allow altered ferrets; do not allow pet store sales. All the ways you can comment are listed below. We’ve also included a very simple sample letter you can use. We are urging everyone reach out to friends, family, co-workers—anyone who can be cajoled into signing a letter of support or making an online comment. Share this on Facebook!... read more

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We are on a never ending quest to help these precious gifts of fur, won’t YOU help?

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